Pokémon Headcanons and Theories

Permalink Mini-Canon #2: Blue and Red aren’t their real names. Red’s real name is Reed, which a younger Blue found to be stupid and thus nicknamed him Red. Blue thinks his name is too embarrassing, and thus makes everyone refer to him as the similarily-sounding Blue.
Permalink Mini-Canon #1: The Aqua Resort was designed by Wallace. Note the emphasis on water, as well as all the blues and whites.

On the lack of racial diversity in the franchise.

 With all the characters in this great series, there are few examples of any ethnic characters. Marshal, Lenora, Dahlia, Iris, Erika, Koga, and Brock come to mind. Additionally, you have the Breakdancer Trainer Class, and Ash Ketchum certainly seems to be tanner than most characters in the franchise, indicating he may have Hispanic/Greek/Asian/whatever roots on his father’s side.

 But this is a franchise of hundreds of characters we’re talking about - anime background characters, game characters, trainer classes, characters from various manga.

The Pokémon world seems to have very little evidence of any war or conflict. Surge was previously in the military, and there was a war fought in medieval times (as seen in Movie 8). But nothing more than that has really been seen.

 The world seems to be very peaceful, and also very technologically advanced. No poverty is seen, either, and religion seems to be a non-existant concept.

 What I’m getting at is that, without any of these things, there’s no reason to emigrate. There’s no war forcing you out, no horrible leaders, no poverty, no weird customs - no reason to leave your country.

 The people who do move are simply moving to the region X because they want to, and thus they’re a very minor percentage.

Permalink Erika
Erika grew up in a distinguished, affluent Japanese family. Her father was a stiff, formal man that was always thinking about the next business plan, or meeting, or charity event, and her three brothers were always pulling pranks on her. Erika’s mother was a gentle, if distant, person.
Erika’s narcolepsy started when she was young, and continued through her childhood. Her father tried everything he could to fix it, but nothing seemed to work. He became cold to Erika, and his frigidness deepened after she fell asleep during a dinner that was so important to her father. Her brothers never held back with their antics.
 Really, the only solace Erika could ever find was in the family garden. Nobody ever came there, and that’s where she discovered her love for Grass Pokémon, flower arranging, and gardening.
 Erika’s father didn’t approve of her Pokémon ambitions, but he humoured her with flower arranging classes, and sectioned off a piece of dirt (a whole foot!) for her gardening. And-who would have thought-she was good at it. Both came naturally to her, and she managed to graduate at the top of her flower-arranging class even though she was asleep a quarter of the time.
 It was at this point that Erika knew this was what she wanted to do with her life - grow flowers, make them pretty, make perfume - all the while while in the company of Grass-type Pokémon.
 Her father told her no, and she told him she didn’t care. Her mother managed to convince him to  get her a little house in Kanto so she could “get past this phase.”
 But the phase never passed, and Erika’s still in Kanto, doing what she loves.
Erika isn’t so much a feminist, but her past experiences with men have left her preferring the company of other women. She does her best not to be sexist. Her narcolepsy still persists, but she doesn’t mind, so long as she’s in her peaceful little greenhouse.

Gonna be adding two new categories besides the general headcanon stuff.

 One will be family trees, one of which I just posted. The other will be basically random ramblings, which are either too short to put into a headcanon but still worth mentioning, or are headcanons about things other than characters.

Permalink They look alike, don’t they?
Permalink SKYLA 

Skyla grew up in the Whirl Islands. She was raised by her grandfather, an ace pilot named Wings Alexander.
 Wings was a compassionate man, and he instilled that compassion in his granddaughter. She was always helping people growing up, but the problem was that she was never any good at it. Being a bit of a daredevil (or a lot of a daredevil) she would always try to get things done with a certain flair, but it would often blow up in her face. People were always worrying about her.
Her grandfather also installed a love of Flying-types in Skyla, and she was fascinated by the idea of flying. Despite this, she thought she could never be a pilot. She thought she would mess up. But they say you’re good at what you hate, and Skyla was an amazing pilot, even better than her grandfather.
 She eventually gave in and became a pilot at a remarkably young age. But she could never fly a plane with people in it - she was too anxious. Instead, she founded a cargo plane company in Unova and started flying packages with unmatched speed.
 This was when she was 18. By this time, most of her friends had retired from journeying and had settled into more mundane jobs. Skyla hadn’t even considered going on a  journey - in fact, all she had was a Ducklett that had tagged along on her plane without an invitation.
 Her daredevil side came out again, and she wanted to see how fast she could complete a journey throughout Unova.
 Apparently, pretty fast, since she was offered a position as Gym Leader in Mistralton City.
 Skyla is now 23 years old, and her flying skills are as sharp as ever. She has a pretty good relationship with her fellow Gym Leaders. She’s a big admirer of Lenora, and she’s a good friend of both Burgh and Elesa. Chili often tries to flirt with her, so she tries to humour him as best she can.
Permalink  VOLKNER
Volkner was born and raised in Sunyshore City. Like in the anime, Volkner became friends with Flint after they fought off a poacher together. Here’s where things differ. Firstly, his first Pokémon was Elekid, rather than Pikachu.
Volkner’s first period of disinterest with Pokémon started when Flint left to go on his journey. Without his best friend to battle against, Volkner grew tired of battling. He decided to do something different.
Volkner was always interested by design, even as a young child. So, he went back to school. He earned degrees in electronics and architecture. By age 18, he was revolutionizing Sunyshore City by adding the famous solar powered roads that were his design. He also upgraded the lighthouse to use solar power as well.
Flint returned, having attained a League position. Seeing his friend had gotten so strong, Volkner’s interest in Pokémon was reignited. He wanted, no, he needed to catch up to his friend. He left all the designs he was working on, and started a period of mad training and journeying that took him two years. When he got back, he was the winner of two leagues, and had gotten fourth place in another.
He was quickly offered a position as the Sunyshore City Gym Leader after the old Leader, Bertha, was promoted to the Elite Four.
Everything was going great for Volkner. He built up a fearsome reputation, he was winning every battle he took part in. And that’s where his downfall came. Volkner the ‘Shocking Star’ caused his own depression.
People were scared to battle him. They went to different Gyms, and Volkner’s Gym slowly lost revenue. The rest of the money they had was spent on trying to make the place look cool, to hopefully attract visitors. Volkner knew he was skating on thin ice after the third power outage. He fell into a depression, and not even his best friend could snap him out of it.
Things only started looking up when he was beaten by the player character, ironically. He got that familiar urge to catch up - to both them and Flint and, heck, everyone.
He’s still making up designs, ways to improve things that aren’t really broken. He’s basically a stranger to the other Gym Leaders, and references are still made to the ‘Shocking Star’. But, hey, things are looking up.